March “End Harassment at UGent”

Tonight, there will be a march to demand measures against harassment at UGent. The organizers have shared the following text:

“in 2020, a student was harassed by a PhD student at the Faculty of Science at UGent. she reported her case to trustpunt and was told by the ombudsdienst and tuchtcommissie that the perpetrator was sanctioned. a few months later, under pressure, rector Rik Van de Walle had to admit there was not given a sanction at all. the PhD student continues his work at UGent.

Ghent University claims to disapprove of sexual harassment and intimidating behaviour. yet, they don’t bother to protect their students.

we called for testimonies on harassment at UGent. in one week, we have gathered reports on 15 different people working at UGent.

all victims want to remain anonymous, fearing that speaking out will ruin their careers.


we demand:

📓. an external tuchtcommissie, so colleagues can’t protect each other

📓. a safe environment for whistle blowers

📓 transparency concerning the procedures and actions taken

📓. accountability for perpetrators

📓 zero tolerance for sexual intimidation and power abuse at UGent

📓 a university that protects our human integrity

15/2 18h30 STADSHAL

we will march to AULA to take back our university”

The Facebook-page of the event can be found here.

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