Universities, what are they good for? Find out on these December events!

The holiday period; time for rampant consumerism, with a sprinkling of gezelligheid* on top. Those unsatisfied with these merry times of blind happiness may be able to find more satisfaction in some hardcore reflection about the societal role of universities. There are no less than two (2!) events on this topic during the end of December.

The first event takes place on the 20th of December in Brussels, and is organized by the Flemish Interuniversity Council. Results of an impact study of Flemish universities will be presented to the public, and will be followed by a discussion and a reception. More information, such as the programme, can be found here. Signing up can be done here.

The second event is organized by the Ghent University and takes place all day on the 21st of December. The event is called ‘University for You’ and the programme and signup can be found here. Not happy with the definition of impact on the day before? This is the place to launch your own conceptualization!

*We may sometimes complain about how unwelcoming Flemish universities can be for people not fluent in Dutch, but some words you just have to learn. Very ongezellig of us, we know.

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