25/2: Slow Science meetup & museum visit


To reinforce the ties that bind as well an enjoy an educational Sunday morning, the Slow Science network would like to invite you to join us in visiting to the ‘200 years Ughent: City and University’ at het STAM in Gent.


Texts, moving images and antique pieces from the university archive combine to tell a story about the interwoven fates of university and city. Though dedicated to Ghent University, you may find that many themes resonate with the history and experience of universities around the globe. Ever more, issues you may think of as uniquely contemporary may turn out to have a much longer historical legacy than expected…


After the visit, we will meet up again at the neighbouring STAM café for drinks. Lunch, good conversation and pleasant company guaranteed. You are most definitely welcome, as are your family and friends! 


Practical details

Date: 25th of februari from 10u to 14u

Location: STAM Gent (Godshuizenlaan 2, 9000 Gent, Belgium )

Entrance: Max 8 euro’s, 2 euro for those under 25, free of charge to Gent citizens



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